How to increase Increase by 5x speed using Buy Android Reviews Online?

How to increase Increase by 5x speed using Buy Android Reviews OnlineBuy android reviews and Buy app reviews is one of the greatest ways to improve app rankings on Apple store and Google play store.What would you do if you get to know that for a change in app rating from 3 to 4 stars, your app downloads go from 50% to 95%? This tells us the gargantuan effect of app reviews on app downloads or Buy Android Reviews Online.

In the technological era of 21st Century, how would you feel as a business if you found out that 90% of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews? I imagine that you’d either pat yourself on the back if your business already has a strategy in place for acquiring reviews and managing your online reputation, or you’d scratch your head and think ‘dang, I better get on this by Buy Android Reviews Online.’

Buy Android Reviews Online

“App review is considered to be the fuel to ASO.” Moreover, apt app reviews make everyone victorious.  buy android App reviews have become social recommendations. When someone writes a good review for your app, the review speaks for the authenticity of the app. They become the indelible marks of assurance where customers can find answers to the questions ‘Why to download this app?’, ‘Is this app good enough?’ etc.

Those productive reviews prove that your app isn’t dodgy and those reviewers are like pieces of evidence of the digital world. Also, with higher affirmative reviews, your install rate grows substantially. Reviews and ratings are one of the most important pillars of your Android app.

If this pillar is wobbly, you are going to get insufficient android app downloads, whereas if the pillar is anchored well, enough play store installs of your app are guaranteed. App reviewing is also one of the easiest ways to promote app by android app reviews. Therefore, it is imperative to ascertain ways to get more app reviews for better app ranking and consequently more downloads.

Here are some tips to increase downloads by five folds:

Time To Prompt Your App By Buy Android Reviews Online

Buy Android Reviews Online

The simplest way to get a review is by asking for one. But, is it also the most effective way? Turn-key plugins are available for both iOS and Android apps that can prompt the users to provide app reviews or buy app keywords installs.

Some plugins use no. of Login Ins while other plugins trigger the prompt once the user has been engaged with the app for a specified time period. Prompts can be triggered after the user has cleared a challenging stage or has successfully made a purchase…


Now, if the user has purchased an in-app item, he is already a fan of your app. His app engagement is huge and he is perhaps the best source for getting high organic app reviews.  Having made the purchase, the user is unlikely to deny reviewing your app.

Use effective Buy android app reviews prompt

Using SDKs (Software Development Kits) you can easily embed rating prompts in your app. But, the same question arises, ‘Does your prompt merit a response?’ If you have the same hackneyed prompt message, your chances to receive a prompt significantly reduce. Buy android app reviews or buy android reviews and buy app reviews is the easy ways to get top rankings on Google play store and Apple store.This is when effective review prompts come to your rescue by buy app keyword install.

Try to check if the user believes you are improving as an app. If the user says yes, he has been already caught in the net. He is then bound to reply when you ask further questions. Furthermore, if he says otherwise, you can ask him for a feedback. In both cases, you get a productive review of your app Buy app reviews.

Integrate Rating request

If you interrupt the user in the midst of his app usage, you definitely piss him off. Is there anyway with which you can embed a rating request without disturbing the natural app flow? Can you embed this in between two app screens?

The answer is yes. With the service of integrating rating request at your hands, you can do the above. This allows your app to look ‘notification free’ and ensures more Buy app reviews.

Ensure Customer delight

Customer delight is the biggest catch. If you have it, you have sufficient downloads. Although this one is trickier, the effects are more than substantial. Either you go viral overnight or downloads double in the shortest span of time. As said earlier, this isn’t the easiest of the techniques. If may range from giving coupons, gift codes or messaging a rustic ‘Thank you’. This adds to the delight of the customer ensuring better app promotion by Buy Android Reviews Online or buy iOS reviews.

Use app updates to obtain reviews

You know very well the importance of frequent updates. An update has now become a mandatory requisite. Even if the changes and modifications are one bit, it is the word update that users take positively. Psychologically speaking, if your app is running perfectly but there are no updates, users start to think there is something going wrong with the app. Many a time, updates even work as a placebo.

Having said that, I don’t mean to say that you are supposed to fool your users with fake updates. Make sure to get rid of the bugs and publish a refurbished version of your app. Make sure you keep a review prompt right after the completion of the update when Buy Android Reviews Online or real reviews and so on.

Friendly messaging

Users like to interact with people. Who doesn’t?  If you can start healthy messaging with your users, you build better relations with them. They can directly provide reviews without going to any other screens/pages.  This helps in-app promotion by being in touch with your customers by android application review.

Provide In-app support

The objective is to please the user and know him better. If a customer is dissatisfied with your app functions, service, updates he may rate your app badly. You wouldn’t want this to happen! The trick is to provide a medium where you can listen to their problems and provide customer support at the earliest on Google Play store.

Have you launched your app and are worried about embedding in-app support in your app? SDKs provide you ample resources to integrate in-app support without coding from scratch by Buy Android Reviews Online.



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