Their Are Some Of The Best Sites, To Buy App Store Reviews

There are plethora of sites that focus and deal with android and related information. Ranging from various news sites to publishing apps, these provide a platform for developers to pitch their apps and games and to boost app download for Buy App Store Reviews



. Sites that focus on app reviews catch our attention. Apart from Google’s play store various other sites are there to review apps and rate them. Some big Android app review sites are , others.

Only a handful of developers can actually promote their ideas through these app review sites. So it is very necessary to know where to request and what to request so that they can increase their app reviews and ratings.

Some tips for Buy App Store Reviews submissions:

  • Targeted list. A certain pattern should be followed while sending review request. Not all android review sites should be kept in the list. Only those that are active should be kept in limelight because that will increase android app installs.


  • Site activity. Check site’s activeness by finding out their recent post and the previous ones time gap. Some developers create them as a passion and hence it is unwise to submit reviews there.


  • Paid only sites. There are certain sites that allow submission after a certain nominal pay. These sites should be referred if the app is released on a large scale and developer is well equipped beforehand.


  • Persistence. There are certain etiquettes that an app developer must have. Developers should give brief idea about their app in various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, quora for the audience to know about them. This will cause more buying of android apps.


  • Be realistic. Accept the flaws in the app and think twice before submitting because boasting unnecessarily about an app that does less work than described will ultimately lead to the app’s degraded reputation Buy App Store Reviews.


  • Pick a good day. If the app is based on a theme then release it on a suitable day. Like if its travel related then target vacations, if love related then target valentine’s week etc.


  • Use a good pitch. Make your subject worth reading and make the title and description a bit catchy so that it will attract majority of viewers. This will improve android app rank.


Buy App Store Reviews Some top review sites


1.Android authority


A very active site and covers all android related stuffs. Some promotions are available for developers to publicize their work. They post articles very often and hence app has the highest chance to get coverage here. This will improve app reviews, increase app installs. One can go for paid reviews and ratings as well. It is a very popular site with global rank close to 2400 in alexa.


2.Android police


This is a news related site more than an app review site. It highlights and publishes the apps in their gateway section. Its alexa rank is 5400 indicating the next popular site. It can be still used for buying android apps, android reviews, buying app ratings.


3.Droid Life


It basically deals with android hardware. It provides scope for viewing close-up pictures in all devices (more of DLSR in photography and images). Separate sections are there for apps, reviews, giveaways, deals to cater to the interest of all users. Its global rank is also around 19000 in Alexa. This will improve app reviews, increase app installs and also will help in for buying android apps, android reviews, buying app ratings fro Buy App Store Reviews.

Buy App Store Reviews



It is not of much importance to a developer since no special service is provided to them.  Its app coverage is also sporadic. It is more active in hardware arena like droid life. Its global rank in Alexa is around 22000.




It is a developer oriented review site with an added advantage of including app automatically. They offer tools and services for app promotion to enhance android app installs, get app reviews, app ratings. Its rank in alexa is 25000 which is enough for it to gain popularity.


6.Android community


When it shares the same theme as android authority. Its social reach is very impressive and helps apps gain maximum popularity. It has a lot of facebook and Google+ followers. It ranks 54000 in alexa global rank. They are…

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Online Buy android app reviews,

Buy App Reviews

Increased android app installs,

Buy Android reviews, app ratings.




The name implies that it allows user to zoom in apps and analyze it minutely. They provide a wide ranging package for developers to promote their work. One can spend a nominal amount for app promotion. It offer expert advice, helpful for app’s future. Its alexa global rank is 54000.



Its global rank is 800 in alexa but it is not android centric. It covers android as one section.

It allows us to buy mobile installs,

buy app store review,

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